UPDATE:  Confer accounts will remain free and Confer will still receive maintenance updates as necessary.  However, we will no longer be able to provide email support as we are focusing all our resources on releasing Snapfolio in 2016.




Make it easier to collect and use data in your classroom.


Confer is an app that makes it quick and easy to take notes on your students. Once you've taken notes, you can use Confer to instantly translate those notes into small group insights.    

In other words, the notes you take will actually inform the lessons and small groups you teach. Every day.


Welcome to Confer.







Notes are divided into custom fields for each subject.





Sort by note field to find students with common instructional needs.






Take a note on those students right away or form them into a group for later.





See a detailed history of individual student progress.





Create a Confer account and collaborate with coteachers and interventionists.


See what you can do with Confer in your own classroom.